Monday, June 18, 2007

Rue Morgue Likes Horror Films of the 1980s!

This month's issue of Rue Morgue (# 68) features a great article by John W. Bowen on my new book, Horror Films of the 1980s. You'll find it on page 63, in the Ninth Circle Books section.
Among the many nice things that Bowen writes, he notes that I've become one of horror "most widely read critics," and that my "indispensible" Horror Films of the 1970s earned "raves" everywhere. He goes on to note that this follow-up "could well be the definitive guide" for the 1980s. Wow!

Here's an excerpt: "As his foreward suggests, he pays special attention to the political subtext of the films he covers. He examines Poltergeist as a yuppie dream turned nightmare, while The Stepfather, Parents and A Nightmare on Elm Street are posited as a calculated slap in the face of Republican "family values" propaganda. He also maintains that body image issues surface in a variety of titles from Altered States to An American Werewolf in London to The Beast Within and beyond. Muir spends ample time identifying trends in '80s horror, particularly the slasher film..."

Rue Morgue #68 is on sale now, so check it out!


  1. Anonymous12:01 PM

    Score another one for the Gipper.

  2. joey_bishop_jr.12:58 PM

    Good review, brother- but of course they don't mnetion your borderline criminal review of THE BEYOND.......

  3. Thanks for the congrats, Joey B. - 1 1/2 stars for the Beyond, blah blah blah! :)

    And Johnson, welcome back to the blog. We missed you.