Friday, February 23, 2007

The House Between: Preview for Episode # 2, "Settled"

Hey folks,

Offered up on the blog today is a preview for The House Between, episode # 2, "Settled," which airs right here - next Friday, March 2nd - on the blog. Hope these clips whet your appetite to watch!

I'll be blogging my director's notes and observations on "Settled" next week too. Although I love all seven episodes, "Settled" is one of my personal favorites, for a number of reasons. But I'll write about all that next week.

In the meantime, watch this clip, and please don't forget to tune into Destinies: The Voice of Science Fiction tonight at 11:30 pm, EST. Our host, Dr. Howard Margolin will be interviewing me about The House Between for my seventh appearance on Destinies. I'm looking forward to the show, and hope you'll listen in.

Tune in here, tonight.


  1. Howard Margolin11:55 AM

    And for those people who miss the show when it airs live, it will be archived, along with John's 2004 Destinies interview, in which we discussed "The Encyclopedia of Super-Heroes on Film and Television" at and at

  2. joey_bishop_jr.10:17 PM

    Come on, fella.....we've waited long enough! This bi-weekly stuff is gonna kill me!!!

  3. Patience, buddy, patience...

    I can't air these things until they've been cut, re-cut, sound-edited, had special effects added, inserted music cues, rendered, encoded and then uploaded.

    Just the rendering and encoding part takes two weeks!!!!

    I'm only half joking. I'll have to begin the rendering process sometime on Monday to get the second show up on the air by Friday morning.

    I'm glad you're excited about the show, though!!! :)