Friday, February 16, 2007

THE HOUSE BETWEEN, Episode #1: "Arrived"

This is the first installment of the sci-fi serial, THE HOUSE BETWEEN. In the first episode, "Arrived," written and directed by John Kenneth Muir, singer-songwriter Astrid (Kim Breeding) awakens to find herself in a strange, empty old house. Among those she encounters in it are a strange squatter in the kitchen, Arlo (Jim Blanton), the "one step at a time" scientist, Bill T. Clark (Tony Mercer) and the difficult, secretive Travis (Lee Hansen). This is the first of seven episodes in the first season, produced by Joseph Maddrey. From the Lulu Show LLC


  1. Watched it!
    You're off to a great start here, John. Bizarre scenario, interesting characters ... and several mysteries are going to keep me watching through the season.
    Hell, thanks to the wonders of technology, I even get to watch on our 50" HD whopper-ass thing in the living room. Fun stuff!

  2. Hey John!!!

    Thanks for the positive feedback! Glad you enjoyed the show!

    Man, that's intimidating though, to think that our no-budget Internet production (designed for small screens - small!) is being watched on a 50" HD set. Yikes!

  3. astrid9:44 AM

    I shudder to think how that Russ Meyer shot of me choking Arlo looks at that resolution. ;-P

  4. Anonymous2:50 PM

    Hi John. I watched the first episode. Nice production, especially considering the budget limitations. A good job of editing too. I once tried to direct my own movie, but the shot-to-shot sequences (the "montage" I believe?) were difficult to visualize. You handled it well, though. Congrats.

    --The Late Mitchell Warren

  5. Hey Mitchell,

    Thanks for your comment! Glad you enjoyed the show!!! The editing was certainly a laborious process, and now I go into this kind of fugue state when I do it. I tune out everything else - my wife, my baby, my life...and just gaze at the footage. It's gotten to where I'm actually taken aback whenever I see any of my cast-members in real life, in living color! It's like I can't believe they exist outside the confines of my computer screen!!!


  6. joey_bishop_jr.12:58 AM

    Well done, knocked it out of the park!

  7. Anonymous10:49 PM

    Really great debut!

    Not sure if the film look fx are all that necessary, but I'm hooked. Looking forward to watching the story unfold.

    Robert H.