Tuesday, January 31, 2006

CATNAP #29: I Can't Do My Work!

Pictured above, you see why it's hard for me to stay on schedule. All three of my beloved cats (Lila, Ezri and Lily) really like to sit on my desk (in front of my monitor) so I can't see what I'm typing. I like to have them close, that's for sure, and I enjoy the show. But sometimes, I just have to scoot 'em out of the way to see the monitor. Not pictured, but to the left of the screen is a cat-mattress where they can sleep if they choose. Guess how often they use it instead of standing in front of the screen? Never! Their favorite recent hobby has been to knock my toy Dalek over the edge of the desk onto the floor. It has wheels, so this is particularly enjoyable for the felines. If the Dalek is already down (or exterminated...), they'll send Luke's landspeeder over the edge...


  1. I got a weal wed wagon!

    Mike LaFontaine might be the best character I've ever seen.

  2. Kevin -

    Hey! Congratulations for picking up on that really obscure reference in the title of this post. When I typed it out, I could imagine Fred Willard's inflection.

    I agree, Mike La Fontaine is awesome. He should have his own sitcom. Hey, Wha' Happened Again!