Friday, December 02, 2005

The Weinstein Company to re-make 1980s TV series The Equalizer

Don't know if you've seen this already, but is reporting that a remake of the popular CBS mid-1980s series The Equalizer (which starred Edward Woodward) is now in the works.

Here's the link and a brief excerpt:

The Weinstein Company has acquired the rights to develop and produce a feature film based on the original hit television series The Equalizer in which Robert McCall, a veteran covert operative seeking redemption for his darker exploits, quits a CIA-like agency and puts an advertisement in the newspaper that reads; Got a problem? Odds against you? Call The Equalizer. The announcement was made today by Harvey Weinstein, co-chairman of The Weinstein Company.

My thoughts on this news are mixed. I loved the original series...particularly Woodward's performance. I watched The Equalizer religiously as a teenager with my Mom on Wednesday nights, so I have fond memories of it. But look at the wretched job that Hollywood did with Dukes of Hazzard and Bewitched just this summer. And Night Stalker - a re-make of Kolchak - got axed by ABC after airing just six episodes. So, is re-making The Equalizer really a good idea given the industry's recent track record?

On the other hand, I think the idea could work, because the concept of the show (an ex-covert agent helps regular folk...) is pretty damn good. But the real question is this: who can Hollywood get to fill Woodward's shoes? I mean, the last thing I want to see is some young hunk as Agent McCall. No one under 45, please. That would suck royally, if like Stuart Townsend got cast or something. Instead, we need an "elder statesman"-type actor who brings gravitas to the role and is physically fit to boot. Right off the top of my head, I imagine Sean Connery or Patrick Stewart in the role. And if the producers want to skew a hair younger, how about Timothy Dalton? Just my thoughts at this early stage...

Anyone out there have any suggestions about who should play the movie version of The Equalizer?


  1. Who to play McCall? What's Edward Woodward doing these days? Oh wait, he's 75, (he was 55 when the show was on TV). Then again Commery (who you suggested) is also 75.

  2. Hey Brent,

    Good point about Woodward's age. I loved him on the TV show (and in The Wicker Man, of course...) so if he wants to return to the part and is able, that would be cool. If he's not able or interested, we're back a list of younger gents, I guess, (especially since Connery says he's retiring from movies.)


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