Saturday, December 03, 2005

Midwest Book Review likes Singing a New Tune!

The good folks at Applause Theatre and Cinema Books sent me this review of my new book, Singing a New Tune: the Re-Birth of the Modern Film Musical from MBR Bookwatch:

College-level students of the film musical will want to make SINGING A NEW TUNE: THE REBIRTH OF THE MODERN FILM MUSICAL FROM EVITA TO DE-LOVELY AND BEYOND essential to understanding the new film musical. Critics around the world have claimed the movie musical is a dead art form - but though it no longer commands the center of media attention, it's by no means dead as film expert John Kenneth Muir presents in his story of the film musical from the early 1990s to modern times.

Over a dozen musicals from the last decade are analyzed to explain how artists have interpreted and imbibed such musicals with new life, using psychology, sexuality and more to revive the art from. Interviews with notable directors and screenwriters round out the analysis, providing a thorough, critical review of the state of the modern film musical...


  1. i highly recommend interstella 5555: the story of the secret solar system. wonderful cartoon opera scored to daft punk's "discovery."

  2. I will look for that, George. Thanks for suggesting it...