Tuesday, December 27, 2005

CATNAP TUESDAY # 24: Back Home with the Cats

Well, Christmas is over (as is the hiatus on this blog...) and it's back to work! We had a great time visiting Kathryn's family up in Richmond, and returned after four days away to find that our three cats had eaten every last scrap of food left for them during that interim. That's never happened before. I always "overfeed" in our absence in case anything happens, but apparently this time (Lily's first holiday...) they were all VERY hungry.

Also, Lily and Ezri had both managed to work themselves out of their collars during our absence. Only my sweet Lila remained collar-bound during the interval.

Anyway, the cats were glad to see our return, spent the night in bed with us, and have been close ever since. We've fed them their Christmas viddles, and played them out with their new toys. Their "grandma" (Nana) gave them a stocking full of treats and toys, and these cats are happy, full-stomached, and content...

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