Saturday, August 04, 2018

Saturday Morning Cult-TV Blogging: Sigmund and the Sea Monsters: "Sweet Mama Redecorates"

Things go awry in the Sea Monster family cave when Sweet Mama demands new furniture to spruce the place up, and Big Daddy does not want to pay for replacements. The brothers come up with the idea to steal the furniture from Johnny and Scott's house instead.

The monsters swap Zelda's furniture with their rock furniture, causing a crisis for the human family. Sheriff Bevins is called in to stop the burglaries, but is unable to do so.

Meanwhile, back at the cave, Sweet Mama decides she does not like Zelda's furniture after all, and wants all new rock furniture. A frustrated (and cheap) Big Daddy thus issues the boys an ultimatum. If they pay him 100 clams (the price for new furniture), he will return Zelda's belongings.

"Sweet Mama Redecorates" is a fun episode of this classic Sid and Marty Krofft live-action series though, for the most part, it sidelines the titular character. Sigmund is hardly in this segment at all.  Instead, the focus is largely on the Sea Monsters, and Zelda and Sheriff Bevins have bigger than normal roles as well.

Sigmund's scene sees him expressing sadness at the thieving and bad behavior of his family. "I'd like to resign from the sea monsters, and become a porpoise," he declares.

Otherwise, the episode features some mildly humorous moments, including Zelda's description of the sea monster furniture as "early American rock pile."  

The Sea Monster TV show of the week is a soap opera called "As the Werewolf Turns." And another funny moment sees the monsters trying to figure out what an ironing board is. Big Daddy mistakes it for a bed.

Next week: "Make Room for Big Daddy."

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