Happy 2018!

To celebrate the arrival of the new year, I started searching for classic sci-fi films set in the year 2018, and came up with one off the top of my head: Norman Jewison's Rollerball (1975).

How close are we, in real life 2018, to this sci-fi dystopia of 2018?

From my review of the film:

"Rollerball's action takes place after the world's nations have gone "bankrupt," and after the destructive "Corporate Wars" have come and gone 

Now, corporations "take care of everyone," and the violent, team sport of Rollerball has been created by Big Business to remind people of "the futility of individual effort."  

The goal of the corporations is to be essential to every individual's life, and for "the few" to make important decisions on "a global basis."

Well, this may all sound far-fetched, but we know corporations are people, right? And we do have a U.S. president, for now, of the film's so-called "Executive Class," and fewer and fewer people making choices for the rest of us (see: Ajit Pai, and Net Neutrality.)

Still, at least we're not watching bloody gladiatorial games on TV, right?

Happy 2018!!!


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