Pop Art: Doctor Who (Fourth Doctor) Pinnacle Edition


  1. I have all ten of the Pinnacle books. I read these before I saw the episodes they were based on. I'd say Genesis of the Daleks is my favorite cover. Too bad UNIT never had that space cruiser on the cover of #1. The inspiration for The Valiant, perhaps?

  2. John,
    These books played a huge part into opening my world to Doctor Who, even though I had never seen the show. I was an avid Harlan Ellison fan, and seeing his introduction quoted in the masthead of these books was enough for me to pick them up. Around the same time, I was seeing pictures from Doctor Who in various sci-fi themed magazines imported from the UK by my local hobby shop. I met a friend in high school who had seen the show years before, and shortly thereafter, the local PBS station was playing actual episodes. Tom Baker as The Doctor. I was hooked! I eventually got my hands on some of the British Target books written mostly by Terrance Dicks. The Second Doctor was my favorite, even though I'd never seen a single episode featuring Patrick Troughton! When "Web of Fear" was finally released on dvd, imagine my chagrin when I actually enjoyed the book much more than the actual episode! For the record, I owned all five of the books pictured. My favorite was "Day of the Daleks." As it so happens, it is also one of my favorite episodes. My hero, Doctor Who, indeed!


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