Monday, February 14, 2011

The Cult-TV Faces of: The Plant
























  1. ha! John, very clever of you to remember Zhaan. She'd be a tough one to remember as far as cult plants go. : ) I find it absolutely bizarre that she is some kind of plant humanoid. What a bizarre idea, but the episode, Til The Blood Runs Clear, really does a splendid job of portraying her need for a kind of photosynthesis.

    Anyway, really loved the cult plant idea. How classic!

    Also, who knew it would have me respond with such a voracious, vegetarian-like appetite.

    I'm not completely sure if you've got Lost In Space in here, but there were some good plant episodes in that series.

    I'll try and give you a few of the less obvious ones I hope.

    10. Land Of The Lost [well, Chaka is a giveaway there] Not sure which episode.

    12. Doctor Who [The Seeds OF Doom]

    14. ST:TNG - Data's hands?
    15. Swamp Thing
    18. Farscape [Bone To Be Wild]
    19. Farscape

    I have to tell you the Farscape Episode, 21, Bone To Be Wild, was a great episode. The write-ups and general response to that episodes on the web are never that positive and I absolutely loved that episode.

    Maybe because it followed Nerve and The Hidden Memory, a two part classic, but the standalone nature of Bone To Be Wild was positively delicious and had me green with envy at its brilliance. That creature was brilliantly conceived too. Anyway, look forward to writing about that one, but I loved it and Ben Browder's wife haveing a great role in the episode.

    Take care and as always great plant food for thought. : )

  2. Hi SFF:

    Grat "plant food for thought!" Argh!!! :)

    Seriously, that was pretty funny. And your accurate identifications took some slides off the table, there.

    You correctly identified

    10: Land of the Lost ("Medusa")

    12: Dr. Who ("Seeds of Doom") the Krynoid.

    14: Star Trek: The Next Generation ("Shades of Grey;") -- a godawful clips show used as the second season finale.

    15. Swamp Thing!

    18 & 9, both from that Farscape episode, "Bone to Be Wild." Well done, my friend. Superb.

    It's strange to think about, but alien or monstrous plants are a regular staple of sci-fi TV, it seems. I couldn't believe there was so many on this list...

    All the best, my friend,


  3. 7 is from the Night Gallery

    11 is Ficus from Quark, he was a Spock analog

    20. X-Files

    8. Is the swamp monster from Kolchak

    9. is from Space 1999

    3. Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, mutant see weed

    15. is Swamp Thing

    16. Batman TAS

    17. I don't know but would like an introduction...please !

    6. Batman & Robin from Batman, IDK Louie The Lilac (?)

    4. Lost in Space the 1st season B&W

    5. Star Trek, Paradise Syndrome

  4. Your #2 is Season 1, episode 22 of the classic OUTER LIMITS series. SPECIMEN: UNKNOWN.

    As usual, a fantastic selection of images, John. Thanks.

  5. Wow, nice job guys.

    Will: you ran the table this week!

    7 is indeed from the Night Gallery ("Green Fingers), 11 is Ficus from 20 is from the sixth season X-Files episode "Field Trip," 8 is the swamp monster from Kolchak ("The Spanish-Moss Murders"), 9 is from Space:1999 ("The Rules of Luton"),3 is from Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea ("The Plant Man"), and 16 is Batman: The Animated Series.

    17. I don't know but would like an introduction...please ! -- That's hysterical.

    You also got 6. Batman & Robin from Batman, IDK Louie The Lilac (?) and Lost in Space ("Attack of the Plant Monsters.") Finally, for number 5, it is Star Trek but you named the wrong paradise episode! (It's "This Side of Paradise").

    Regardless, that was a bravura series of identifications, buddy!

    And Le0pard13: you accurately identified a very difficult image yourself, from The Outer Limits, Specimen Unknown.

    Great job to you both, my dear budz!