Friday, October 29, 2010

My Favorite Twenty Horror Movies List posted at Final Girl

If you're a big fan of the blog Final Girl (and blogger extraordinaire Stacie Ponder) -- as I am -- you're no doubt caught up in all the SHOCKtober 2010 Madness.

This is no routine holiday celebration; this is a month-long Halloween-o-palooza as Stacie presents an on-going tally counting readers' favorite horror movies of all time. 

In a month's time, we've gone from movies that received one vote each to the near-top of the list, with films that have garnered up to forty-three votes.  

In the next few days or so, we get to see the top twenty favorite horror films selected by Stacie's colossal readership, and, well, the suspense of the thing is practically killing me.  It's been very intriguing to see the trends, not to mention the surprisingly strong showing for 1990s horror films.

Also -- as a side-effect of Stacie's dedicated SHOCKtober presentation -- many enthusiasts have even discovered a horror soul mate...through a mutual but apparently uncommon love of titles such as The Legend of Boggy Creek

All month long, Stacie has also been posting top twenty favorite horrors from other writers in the blogosphere, including Amanda by Night, Zane and Brea Grant, Lena Headey, Buzz, and Eric Spudic. 

And tonight, Stacie posted my list of my top 20 favorite horror movies as well. Yay! You can check out my selections here.

I want to thank Stacie for including my list as part of the fun, but especially for making 2010 another Halloween to remember at Final Girl.  This SHOCKtober was the best yet, and I can't even imagine what Stacie's going to do in 2011 to top it, but I know she will.  And then some...


  1. Great list John. Only one strong disagreement, as the Ninth Configuration annoyed the crap out of me, but that is more than offset by the inclusion of "Return of the Living Dead" and especially "Lifeforce". I've always felt guilty for how much I loved that movie. Part of it was the fact that Mathilde May walked around naked the entire movie, but I would have loved it even without her. Except for a brief lull in the middle of the film, it's just gonzo from beginning to end.

  2. BT: Lifeforce is fantastic, and -- like you -- I tell myself it's not just because of Mathilda May being nude throughout; it's actually about something (human sexual mores) and yes indeed you're right, it's got that gonzo Tobe Hooper surrealism and energy to it. Gonzo really is the perfect word.

    About a year ago, I fell hard for Ninth Gate, after not liking it that much when I saw it back a decade ago.

    Now, I'm a big fan of film noir too; and Polanski's film plays like a horror version of Chinatown. I really enjoy that aspect of it; plus the ambiguity of the finale. When I watched it the second time, I felt more in tune with what the movie was trying to accomplish; and really came to love it.

    Thanks for the comment, BT!