Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The Cult-TV Faces of: Alfred Ryder

Alfred Ryder (1916-1995) appeared in virtually every American cult tv series ever made, and here are five snapshots of his (frequently villainous...) work. How many series and episodes can you name?


  1. Well, no one has bitten on this one and I didn't want to jump in if someone had a greater knowledge of Alfred Ryder's work.

    It just so happens I was watching Star Trek the other day for my own site and Image 2 is extracted from Star Trek: TOS Episode 1, The Man Trap [1966] featuring the salt creature where he plays archaeologist Robert Crater and is essentially doing his damndest to protect the creature from extinction.

    I would guess Image 1 is quite possibly Irwin Allen's Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea [1964]. After that- ?

    Beyond that, I leave the rest to you John.

  2. Hey Sci-Fi Fanatic,

    Yep, looks like I picked a toughie this week (either that, or Alfred Ryder simply doesn't have the name recognition of, say, Roddy McDowall, Jonathan Harris, Joan Collins or Darren McGavin).

    But you are right about image 2, it's from the first Star Trek ever aired on network television, the salt-vampire episode "The Man Trap."

    Image 1 is not Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, but that's a great guest and Alfred Ryder did appear on that series!

    Any other takers?!


  3. dave starry12:34 PM

    Alright John, it looks like you stumped us on this one. Any hints?

  4. Hey Dave!

    Some hints yes.

    Frame # 1: There was a Control Voice on this series.

    Frame # 3: Roy Thinnes starred on this series.

    Frame # 4: Lee Grant guest-starred in this episode with Ryder.

    Frame # 5: Bidi-bidi-bidi.

    How's that?


  5. dave starry12:39 PM

    Yeah, well, that pretty much gives it up ;-)

    Thanks John!