Sunday, February 08, 2009

Ms. Psychic Vibrations at Quantum Imprimaturs

Alicia A. Wood, who plays Theresa Melita -- the psychic astronaut -- on The House Between, and who happens to be a dear friend of mine, is interviewed over at Quantum Imprimaturs today.

Alicia has been amazing on The House Between, not merely learning and expertly performing all my crazy, lengthy dialogue, but crafting an original and intriguing "sci-fi" character (whom I once half-jokingly called my resident alien).

Here's a snippet of Alicia's interview

How would you describe the character of Theresa?

Theresa is honest, self assured, and analytical. She thinks she is an unemotional, detached observer, (and seems to want to present herself that way,) but we see her attachments to the other denizens grow, and softness comes out more and more as the series progresses. Don't get me wrong, she'll never be the damsel in distress, girly type, but her hard shell may have some cracks in it. She is very aware of others feelings and thoughts, though not always sensitive to them. She is open minded in the sense that she's receptive to new ideas, but at the same time, she can be stubborn in the way she views thinking not like her own.

What is her family and career background?

Theresa was a graduate student before the near fatal accident that forever changed the course of her life. She started her "career" under Professor Vincenzo's wing, learning to become a psychic astronaut. She was raised at Cape Cod by humble, unpretentious, upper- middle class parents. They were loving parents, but their conservative natures wouldn't allow them to accept her after her NDE. They saw that she had changed, and rejected her when her path changed to one of a psychic astronaut. They did not approve of Professor Vincenzo's teachings.

Where did the name Melita come from?

Leave it to John to find a way to incorporate obscure references & hidden meanings into everything. He tells me that "Melita" comes from a word meaning "affording honey," or "bee." And since Theresa can sting like a bee or be sweet like honey, I thought it was an appropriate name -- reflecting both her strength and her gentleness. Melita is also the last name of a famous author who wrote a book about astral projection."


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