Saturday, December 13, 2008

Frank Black Speaks...

Over at Back To Frank Black, a blog dedicated to the resurrection of Millennium (1996-1999) in movie format, there's a new, in-depth interview posted with Lance Henriksen, star of the much-missed Chris Carter series.

The first part of the interview covers everything from the real-life basis for the character of Frank Black, to the radical changes in Millennium's second season, to the debate about whether Frank Black's gift is psychic in origin, or something else entirely.

After the holidays, I'll be returning to the fascinating world of Millennium with some in-depth posts on several of my favorite episodes (from all three seasons...), so this interview is a good primer to help understand the series protagonist and where he comes from. Good stuff.


  1. Anonymous3:06 PM

    Mr Muir,

    I cannot thank you enough for the support you continue to show to our cause. It is a thrill to see the show and our efforts repeatedly mentioned in your blog.

    Here's to more Frank Black and a "Millenniumistic" 2009!

    All the best,

  2. My pleasure, Diego!

    My wife and I love Millennium.

    We used to have Millennium Sundays every week: pancakes, syrup and the adventures of Frank Black.

    But then we had a baby and had no time... :)


  3. road waffle9:06 PM

    Really looking forward to your episode discussions. It's rare Millennium gets this kind of attention, even on the internet!