Friday, September 19, 2008

Johnny Byrne Tribute Tonight on Destinies: The Voice of Science Fiction

Dear Readers,

Dr. Howard Margolin, the host of Destinies: The Voice of Science Fiction, is tonight broadcasting a memorial and tribute to my mentor, hero, and friend - author Johnny Byrne (1935-2008).

As many of you remember, Johnny served as the story editor and script-writer on Space:1999, contributing such memorable stories as "Force of Life," "Another Time, Another Place," "Voyager's Return," "Mission of the Darians" and "The Testament of Arkadia." In addition, Johnny wrote three Doctor Who serials in the 1980s and co-wrote that classic memoir of the 1960s British rock scene, Groupie.

Howard always does a terrific show, (he's actually incapable of doing any less), so I know this will be a very special program tonight, and I hope you will tune in. You can look forward to Johnny Byrne - in his own voice and words - describing many of his experiences on Space:1999.

Destinies airs tonight at 11:30 pm on 90.1 FM, WUSB, Stony Brook, NY; net-casting at

After airing it will be archived at

Or you can download the program right now in podcast form at:

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