Sunday, May 25, 2008

The House Between 3.0.

What is this? A blog? I forgot it was here!

Just kidding. Sorry for the deafening quiet around these parts of late. I've been writing like a madman the last episodes of The House Between Season Three. I just finished writing the final episode thirty minutes ago (and then ate some lunch). And now I'm blogging again! Whoo-hoo.

Anyway, the cast and crew of The House Between is officially en route and we start shooting tomorrow. We are doing six episodes this year. As usual, the scripts are long and time is short.

The titles are:

3.1 "Devoured"
3.2 "Addicted"
3.3 "Scared"
3.4 "Switched"
3.5 "Exposed"
3.6 "Resolved"

These are the spikiest, most dangerous, most emotionally-wrenching scripts I've ever written. Hopefully, they're entertaining too.

I will try to post some updates during the week of shooting (we do a 40 page script a day in these parts...) but in the last two years it's been one crisis after another and I've rarely gotten to post on the blog.

Hopefully, this will be smooth sailing. Think good thoughts for us. We'll need 'em. (We're shooting in a great place this year...but it has no air-conditioning!).

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