Thursday, September 27, 2007

Theme Song of the Week #12: The House Between 2.0 (2008)


  1. Michael De Luca11:09 AM

    Moving, remembering moments fron the first season....and, man, I love that shot of the outlander staring out at us at the end.

  2. Craig gets the "lock and load" pose. I love it.

  3. astrid2:14 PM

    Travis got the best shot though, that sorry piece of ...

    Astrid is doing her best Keanu Reeves impersonation this season. "Whoa...what?"

    I can't wait for more!!!

  4. Anonymous2:01 PM

    Craig is the bomb! He is the most awesome thing to happen to The House Between since Leeman!

  5. joey_bishop_jr.5:57 PM

    Thanks, Johnson...

  6. Anonymous10:22 AM

    Well Craig, just wait until I write the script for the Travis Crabtree prequel. It will be to The House Between what Trapper John MD was to MASH. It will follow Travis as a hot-shot lawyer as he defends those falsely accused to crimes. As the story progresses we will see why he behaves as he does in THB and, thusly, realize that he is in fact a sympathetic character. Perhaps, he can even defend your character at one point.

  7. astrid4:36 PM

    Will the prequel explain why Travis has the hots for crazy redheads? LOL


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