Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Theme Song of the Week 11: "V: The Series"


  1. Michael A. De Luca8:40 AM

    Oh hell yes! "V" is eternal. The miniseries, I mean. I love that opening in El Salvador, as Johnson wrote what always struck me as a glorious FU to the Reagan administration, with his dedication to freedom fighters everywhere. It's too bad that we went from Orwellian metaphor to red dust and mutant babies, followed by an unfinished show without the scope, with smaller skirmishes, and that "Battlestar Galactica" hindrance, stock footage. Perhaps it is better then that the show did not use the signature "V" theme in its opening. It would have been a reminder of better times.

  2. Anonymous9:01 AM

    But I really liked the Reagan administration.


  3. joey_bishop_jr.11:30 AM

    Be careful, John...this blog may turn into Hannity and Colmes any day now!!! :)

  4. Anonymous1:55 PM

    Hopefully it will turn into The Mac Watson Show!



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