Wednesday, September 26, 2007


In 1977, Kenner released an unusual Star Wars toy, and one that was likely recycled from an earlier Kenner product in the heat of the merchandising blitz. Nonetheless, it's cool today as evidence of the first wave Star Wars craze of '77. You are looking at one of the Star Wars SSP (Super Sonic Power) toy vans. Two such vans were released, Luke's (which is white), and Darth Vader's, which is black. Both vans had a fifth wheel located under the center of the van, and the vehicles could be raced by a kind of primitive launching instrument/mechanism. Can't you just imagine cruising down the streets of Southern California in one of these for real, your hi-fi tape deck blasting Melanie's "Brand New Key" while you "feel the force?" When Kathryn gets home today, I'm going to ask her if we can detail our Scion XB just like this...


  1. Probably the most amazing van, ever.

  2. Anonymous10:59 AM

    There was a van around Tidewater when I was a kid that had Star Wars murals all over it. It had R2 and 3P0 on the hood, murals of the Death Star and ships fighting on one side, Vader, Luke, and Leia similar to the poster artwork on the other side, and Han and Chewie on the back. I never forgot how cool I thought the van was when I was a kid . . . and still do today.

    About two years ago I actually saw the van again in the Waterside parking lot. It was not in the best shape anymore but it was still awesome.

    This toy and the real van were a part of the van customization craze on the late 70's. I wish you could still buy vans like this today. All there are now are work vans or mini-vans.

    -Chris Johnson AKA Jan Merlin

  3. I have this, trying to sell it for cheap. Its in legit condition