Friday, May 11, 2007

THE HOUSE BETWEEN Ep. 7: Departed?

In the climactic, cliffhanging webisode of THE HOUSE BETWEEN's first season, the denizens in the house at the end of the universe access a dangerous user interface in hopes of finding a way to escape their predicament. While Theresa (Alicia A. Wood) attempts to interface with the house, the others learn why they've been in trapped in the mysterious structure. When a chance for escape presents itself, however, there's a series of surprises and shocks for Astrid (Kim Breeding), Arlo (Jim Blanton), Travis (Lee Hansen), Bill (Tony Mercer) and Theresa (Wood). Produced by Joseph Maddrey for the Lulu Show LLC. Written and directed by John Kenneth Muir.


  1. Anonymous9:20 AM

    I stayed home from work today to watch your last episode of House Between. I programed my alarm, jumped out of bed early, brewed my coffee and waited and waited more.

    It was worth it! Mr. Muir, your $1.99 TV show has captured my heart. The people have become realer now than the characters on Galactica, Lost or your favorite Veronica Mars sorry.

    I realized this during that scene by the front door when the theme song started playing and each character said stuff that was emblematic of them. Astrid got it, Arlo was confused and needing guidance, Bill wwas practical, Travis was sceptical and mean and Teresa was subdued yet hopeful and serene.

    You will need tissues for that ending.I have not seen a touching moment like that on a current science fiction TV show yet. I loved Teresas final gesture to the others left behind. That was beautiful.

    If I start the official fan club, I am going to nitpick however. I thought those things were called Outdwellers not Outsiders. But this is the second time someone called them Outsiders.

    This reminds me of the old Star Trek in the early episodes when the writers couldn't decide if Mr. Spock was from Vulcanis, Vulcania or Vulcan. Ha!

    If you are going to make a show I like this much, the fans need to know what things are called for episode guides and stuff.

    When does the show start again?

  2. Hey, thanks for the great feedback J.D.! I speak for the entire cast and crew, I know, when I say we appreciate hearing from people who watch the show.

    That said, two things: a)don't miss work for the show b) don't diss Veronica Mars! :)

    Regarding the Outdwellers, you are right. I have to plead mea culpa on that. I went back to my script notebook and saw that the teleplay for "Departed" indeed calls them "Outsiders" big as day. So it wasn't the actors saying the wrong word and I feel like I need to clear them. It was me!

    From here on out, they are Outdwellers, if that helps. We'll be vigilant about it, I promise.

    Again, thanks for the feedback and visit our discussion board to talk about the show!

  3. joey_bishop_jr.2:34 PM

    Pretty nifty, Muir...and fairly touching as well!

    Power, money, line of the series!

  4. Lee Hansen11:43 PM

    Okay, who is the anonymous poster who is fixated with Travis? I can't believe that character would have fans.

  5. Anonymous11:43 AM


  6. Howard Margolin12:57 AM

    John, congratulations on a sensational season finale. Revelations, time loops, temporal cloning, a glimpse at the possible future of humanity, the Kathryn-Joel entity appearing as Samantha, two uses of the word "Destinies," and an ending which suggests that season two may give us a cross between "The Prisoner" and "Groundhog Day." It'll be a long wait until the next season. Until then, we can look forward to the DVD and the novelization.
    One question: was the nursery Theresa was in actually Joel's before he was born?

  7. Hey Howard!!!

    Thanks so much for your great comments on "Departed." That nursery is Joel's, but Alicia (Theresa) filmed in there with me after he was born. We did it last fall (after the rest of the shoot). So Joel met "Theresa" early on. We'll have to ask her if she read his mind, and what he was thinking...

  8. Michael A. De Luca3:37 AM

    "Trancendence" was the first word that came to mind, the inevitable step into the light, with all the pangs of regret and pains of separation. Watching "Departed?" I felt as Arlo did, like I was saying goodbye to old friends. I think Latosa and Gallegos' score and the look of heartbreak on Bill's face as he saw Samantha drove all that emotion home. As for the revelations concerning Travis, it makes you wonder how much of his behavior can be chalked up to him being a glorious SOB and how much of it is due to mental stress. I am truly glad that Theresa's possession didn't cause her to cease to exist as a a "carbon-based lifeform". Still, even with the House's manifestation, and the great exit, so much questions linger, and, throughout the painful interim, Outdwellers will haunt my dreams. I congratulate you, Mr. Muir, your talented cast, and your talented crew, for bringing back intelligence, lyricism, and mystery back into science fiction. You have devised a Rubik's Cube that would pose a grand challenge to even the great Dr. Victor Bergman. May the blood of Serling continue to pump through your vains. And, anonymous, sign me up for the club!

  9. Hey Michael!

    That's a great comment! Thank you for watching and commenting on the show, and don't forget to join us at the discussion board...

    We really appreciate your support.

  10. Anonymous6:40 PM

    I love the ending scene and the way John cut our music to the final images. We wrote the final piece of music, "Into the Mist", before we'd even scene episode one.

    We were told they'd be opening the door and stepping out into mist. I was hoping to evoke the emotional response that Gustavo Santaolalla's ("sahn--tao--LAH--yah") final cue for Brokeback Mountain (The Wings) does.

    His piece is a simple melody that repeats and builds. Ours too--though his is...well...fucking awesome! That final cue utilizes glockenspiel, tubular bells, a piano, two synths, a percussive beat, and a few other instruments that are layered on in increasing numbers with each repetition, so that each is slightly different from the last. This was our way of symbolizing Travis loop.

    John fit this piece to the episode wonderfully! Good job John!


  11. Anonymous7:29 PM

    I'd like to add my voice to the chorus of complements on this episode and the entire web series on a whole.

    This is outstanding, artistic work. The House Between is on the cutting edge of revolutionary and Mr. John Muir and his fine cast and crew are to be complemented for creating this incredible journey literally into the minds eye.

    Long live The House Between. I eagerly await season two.