Saturday, March 03, 2007

THE HOUSE BETWEEN, Episode # 2: "Settled"

In the second webisode of the sci-fi drama, THE HOUSE BETWEEN, the enigmatic new arrival in the strange "house at the end of the universe," named Theresa (Alicia A. Wood) spins a fantastic tale about her background that the other denizens have difficulty believing. While Theresa ruffles feathers with her unusual manner, Bill (Tony Mercer) discovers a diary that seems to have a connection to the family he's been separated from, a fact which vexes him. Meanwhile, Astrid also confronts a "ghost" from her past in the form of a haunting melody from her past; one that brings up tragic memories. Written/directed by John Kenneth Muir. Produced for the Lulu Show LLC by Joseph Maddrey. CAST: Kim Breeding (Astrid), Jim Blanton (Arlo), Lee Hansen (Travis Crabtree), Tony Mercer (Bill T. Clark), Alicia A. Wood (Theresa). Copyright 2007, The Lulu Show LLC

You can now watch the show, "Settled," here. Or at


  1. Damn fine job! I love the opening credits, and the closet door effect works great! Very good work my friend.

  2. Thanks, Phyllis!

    Those sketches from Rob are brilliant (from Astrid's wall later in the show...) and really came in handy for the opening credits! I have them in my office.

    I need to frame 'em, actually...

  3. joey_bishop_jr.4:21 AM

    Well done, my droogie!

    And I'll be honest- that sound that accompanied the appearance of Bill'ds trunk and the diary about made me jump out of my skin.....

    I think since it took so long to upload this episode, we should get chapter 3 next week! (Hey, I had to at least try!)

    Can't wait...

  4. Anonymous9:11 PM

    I hate to be a downer, but it's sort of a pain that the episode starts playing as soon as the web page loads. I don't want to watch/hear the episode every time I visit the blog -- especially if I'm surfing at work!!. Any chance of fixing that?

  5. I'm afraid I have to agree with "anonymous". I've never been a fan of content on any website thats starts without my wanting it to. It can be really annoying when you're working on a slow connection (like I used to have) or on an older, slower machine (such as the one I'm currently using).

  6. Anonymous6:35 AM

    Yeah, Muir...whose blog is this anyway? Who do you think you are putting up content you want? Especially when these Einsteins have outdated machines? Sheesh!

    And you can't expect someone will scroll down the page, or turn down their speakers...that's like asking someone to change a channel they don't like.

    ...that would require brains.

    Loved the episode, by the way.


  7. Can't we all just get along?

  8. astrid11:19 AM

    John, darling, I hate to agree with these gents, but please, yes, can you fix it so you have to actually hit 'play' instead of having them automagically run?


  9. I'm an automagic kind of guy.

    Actually, if you know me, you realize, all this "Tech" stuff is wayover my head. I do the best I can.

    Here's my luddite compromise. On the weekends the shows air, I'm running each episode for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Then I'll go back and substitute a link instead.

    That way, the show gets exposure on the blog, but not at the detriment of anyone's sanity.

    Everyone pleased with that?!!!

  10. Anonymous4:18 PM

    ...oh yeah... John your idea about running the video on weekends sounds perfect. Thanks!

  11. Anonymous11:46 AM

    My above comment might seem a little dumb with the ...oh yeah...

    That's because I typed another comment before that, but for some reason it did not post.

    But the gist of the missing comment is that JD needs to get a life. I humbly and politely asked if something could be changed (thanks John for doing so). I am a long time fan of John and this blog, and I happen to have a new computer running new software. In fact, I work in IT. As it came out, several agreed with me -- it's *polite* not to automatically start audio.

    JD, who for some odd reason jumped at the chance to attack a stranger for no reason, is the only person I see in this comment thread who is lacking brains. Grow up JD.

  12. Oklie-doklie. Case closed.

    Honor is now satisfied. Both sides have had their licks.

    May J.D. and Anonymous bury the hatchet, please, (and not in each other's skulls...)

    Now, back to the matter at hand! Would anybody like to comment on the episode I edited with my blood, sweat and tears?


  13. astrid5:17 PM

    The episode RAWKED, of course. ;-)

    Glad to see some of the suggestions we had given you about tightening the breakdown were put into effect. Overall it flows a lot better than the rough cut. If this is the direction your editing powers are developing in, then go forward with my blessing!