Friday, March 16, 2007

THE HOUSE BETWEEN, Ep. #3: Positioned

In the third episode of THE HOUSE BETWEEN, a new sci-fi drama, tempers boil over when manipulative Travis (Lee Hansen) seizes the kitchen, thereby sending the unstable, obsessive Arlo (Jim Blanton) into a tailspin. All of them captives in a strange house "at the end of the universe" with limited supplies, it's now up to saner heads, namely the psychic Theresa (Alicia A. Wood), scientist Bill (Tony Mercer) and Astrid (Kim Breeding), to resolve the situation with a minimum of bloodshed. Produced by Joe Maddrey for the Lulu Show LLC. Written/directed by John Kenneth Muir. Copyright the Lulu Show LLC, 2007


  1. joey_bishop_jr.11:48 AM

    Damn!!! I did NOT see that coming!

  2. astrid1:49 PM

    No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!

  3. Howard Margolin2:26 AM

    Wow, a last minute shocker to rival anything on "Heroes!" Still wondering how full-grown Arlo could fit into that oven, though, especially since it has dividers in it.
    And why does conservative lawyer Travis, who didn't even take his tie off for the first two episodes, have double-pierced ears? Doesn't exactly make for a professional appearance.
    Nice repartee from Astrid in this episode. Will we see her get some Superman II-style revenge on Travis at some point(not that there's a pinball machine in the House for her to put him through)?
    This show has become a must-watch for me. If it takes two weeks per episode to keep up this quality, then by all means, go for it.

  4. Hey Howard!!

    Thanks for the great comment.

    I know when I speak for the cast and crew when I say that your remarks and reviews really encourage and enthuse us!!! I'm honored (and humbled...) by the comparison to Heroes! Glad the ending worked!

    One tiny thing, that may not be apparent from "Positioned." At the start of the episode, Arlo is taking off his earrings and sticking them to tin cans...revealing that they're magnetic and he's a "poser," so-to-speak, not a real tough guy.

    Travis watches from the doorway and shakes his head in disbelief at this revelation. Then, once he's ditched Arlo outside the kitchen, Travis puts on the magnetic earrings (which we DON'T SEE) his ears aren't really pierced.

    This touch should have been clearer in the editing, and makes me regret my choice not to include an insert we shot of the magnetic earrings "sticking" to the can-top!!! D'oh!!!!!!!!!

    But hopefully that explains a little what's happening with those earrings!!!

    Thanks for the great comments, Howard! You rock!!!!