Friday, January 19, 2007

The House Between: When Astrid Met Arlo

Well, it's Friday again, and that means it's time for another sneak peek at my independent dramatic series, The House Between.

Let me set up the short clip below:

It's a scene from the premiere episode of the series, "Arrived." Our series lead, a singer/songwriter named Astrid (Kim Breeding) has awakened to mysteriously find herself in an unfamiliar - and empty - old house. She has walked downstairs to the kitchen....and encountered a bizarre stranger who is living in that room, Arlo (Jim Blanton). Arlo has claimed the kitchen as "his," (or as a later episode notes, he has an unhealthy attachment to the kitchen...).

This clip shows the tail end of their first meeting as Astrid begins to gather information suggesting that her abduction and captivity is a lot stranger - and much more menacing - than she initially realized.

I call this clip "When Astrid Met Arlo."


  1. Astrid1:22 PM

    The debut of Ass-Cam! Thanks John. ;-P

  2. I love it! and it sounds so great! eerie, if you will.


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