Saturday, November 11, 2006

More Muir in the Media...

November is already shaping up to be an interesting month here in Muirville.

While I obsessively edit and re-edit episodes of The House Between, I also have an article appearing in this month's Filmfax Plus (available at newstands now!).

It's a very lengthy and detailed interview with legendary writer Dorothy Fontana, and the piece remembers her work from classic Star Trek episodes like "This Side of Paradise" to all her other 1970s genre efforts (which include - amazingly - Fantastic Journey, Logan's Run, Ghost Story/Circle of Fear, The Six Million Dollar Man, The Sixth Sense, and even Star Trek: The Animated Series).

There's also an article about Filmation's 1970s superhero show, Shazam, an interview with Robert Bloch and Dee Wallace, and other terrific stuff. It's really a great issue...

Also, my friend Fred just pointed this out to me, but BCI - the company officially releasing the 1970s Filmation live series Space Academy on DVD - is mentioning me in their promotional material! How cool is that? Readers of the blog will remember I blogged the entire series (all fifteen episodes...) last year, and put up a page on my site, here, devoted to the show.

Last but certainly not least, the cover for my upcoming book, The Rock and Roll Film Encyclopedia is now up at Amazon...and is very cool! The book will be published May 2007.

Now...back to editing.


  1. Your article in Filmfax was great. I love articles on the retro shows such as classic Star Trek. It was also terrific to get some info on shows such as Fantastic Journey and Logan's Run which are rarely covered elsewhere.

    Keep up the good work. It's appreciated!

  2. Thanks, Baz! I appreciate the encouragement!

  3. Thanks for the link for the Space Academy release (which will include quite a bit of extra bonus material). I only have to wait till January! I haven't seen the show since the 70's. Your episode reviews really made me look forward to seeing it. I loved the 70's effects and production design too (it always reminded me a bit of Space:1999). As a Harryhausen fan, I look forward to the release of Jason of Star Command with it's great (low-budget) Star Wars style effects and animated creatures.

    I assume you based your ep reviews on tapes from the SciFi channel airings of Space Academy (my cable provider didn't offer the SciFi channel until after the channel stopped airing the show)? I wish the British Star Maidens series (on DVD)was available in the States. I loved the effects and Keith Wilson production design in it.

    Thanks again for your site. It's such a treasure trove of retro and cult reviews.