Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Master Blaster...

My friend (and, according to some - my sidekick!), Lee dubbed the Joel/grown-up combo "Master Blaster" recently, and given this gear, I'm going with that as our nickname.

Notice the radiant light behind us. No, it's not camera flash, it's the glow of ascendent fatherhood and brilliant Joelster! Little Joel's already giving me editing advice...


  1. Lee Hansen11:48 AM

    Who run Bartertown?

  2. joey_bishop_jr12:48 PM

    Two enter, only one leaves!!!!!

  3. Anonymous9:58 AM

    Nice touchy-feely, left-wing, hippie parenting device their Muir! I love you anyways!

    -Wat Tambor

  4. i think thunderdome gets overlooked. maybe it lacks the compact, savage appeal of mad max and the road warrior.

    but i really love the episodic, 80s fantasy appeal of thunderdome and i think everything at bartertown is amazing (and man does tina turner get me going in that movie).

    anyway, the reveal of "blaster's" identity and master's pathetic pleading always struck a soft spot with me.

    by the way, nice kid you made.