Friday, February 17, 2006

TV REVIEW: Invasion: "The Nest"

Yikes, I think "The Nest" on ABC's Invasion is Mariel's womb! We discover this week that both the crazed psychopath hybrid, Christina, and also our icy (but gorgeous) Dr. Mariel Underlay - are pregnant with a swarm of creepy-looking eggs.

The next generation of aliens in Homestead will soon arrive. Hopefully in time for a cliffhanger 'round about May?

All along, I believed the template for Invasion was Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Turns out I was wrong. It's Village of the Damned. Actually, I was delighted with this story development, because it's such a major turn - and such a big plot point. Now viewers have something to really anticipate...the birth of the first generation of hybrid children. Will they be more alien than human? Will they herald the end of the human race?

Written by Julie Siege and Shaun Cassidy and directed by Lawrence Trilling, Invasion's "The Nest" also features a major plot about Kira's disaffected teen rebellion. As the episode concludes, one of the orange sea creatures has taken her in the surf...and rejected her for the hybridization process. To me, this seemed like a bit of a cheat. The aliens should have taken Kira and changed her, just like they do everybody else, right?. I assume that in the weeks ahead, we'll discover why that wasn't the case. Does Kira possess some genetic abnormality that could be the key to preserving humanity? Could she inoculate the human race against the hybridization process? Tom Underlay has now said explicitly that she can't be changed like he was. Why? Did he make some kind of deal with the other aliens? We'll see...

Since 2006, Invasion has really taken off at warp speed. I don't know if it's desperation (given the mediocre ratings the series has drawn), or this was the plan all along, but now that Surface is gone, Invasion represents my weekly fix of science fiction drama/conspiracy. And it doesn't disappoint.

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