Monday, February 27, 2006

CATNAP #33: One of those Days!

Two views of my sweet Lila. In the top picture, she's caught in mid-yawn. In the bottom one, she's making moon-eyes at me. Sweet thing.

We took Lila in yesterday for her appointment at the emergency vet's office to get the echocardiogram (the ultrasound) our regular doctor recommended. The good news is that Lila's heart is strong, healthy and showing no signs of the possibly progressive condition that Ezri has contracted. Lila's heart rate was high normal (which I attribute to stress...), and she had a slight gallop, but the ultrasound revealed no thickening of valves, no leaking/regurgitation of blood, nothing to be concerned about. I'm hugely relieved.

Now if we can just get Ezri in good shape. She's taking three pills a day (one every eight hours) for her heart condition. She gets another ultra sound in September. If the disease hasn't progressed, we'll know she had endocarditis, meaning an infection that scarred part of her heart. If the valves are still thickening, millimeter-by-millimeter, we'll have reason to be concerned that she really and truly has hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a fatal heart disease.

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