Monday, August 22, 2011

The Cult-TV Faces of: The Space Warp/Faster-Than-Light Travel

Identified by woodchuckgod: the Enterprise in "time warp" from Star Trek: "The Cage."

Identified by Will: Planet of the Apes (TV series)
Identified by Meredith: the space warp in Space:1999 "Space Warp."

Identified by woodchuckgod: The stargate in Buck Rogers in the 25th Century.

Identified by Michael Falkner: Star Trek: The Next Generation: "Where No One Has Gone Before."

Identified by woodchuckgod: Babylon 5's "jump gate."

Identified by Claudiu: Star Trek Voyager: "Threshold."

Identified by Michael Falkner: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Identified by woodchuckgod: Moya emerges from "starburst" in Farscape.

Identified by Claudiu: Andromeda: "Demon Bright, Angel Dark."


  1. Anonymous7:12 AM

    1.) Looks like original trek there, with Pike holding the bridge no less.

    6.) would be Babylon 5's jumpgate system thingy.

    9.) is Farscape's Moya emerging from starburst.

  2. Hi woodchuckgod:

    Great identifications, my friend. All three of your gallery ids are correct, sir! Outstanding...


  3. Anonymous8:28 AM

    4.) And this would be the Buck Rogers analogue to the star gate.

  4. Anonymous8:56 AM

    #3) 'Space Warp', Space: 1999


  5. Hi folks

    woodchuckgod: Back for another successful id with #4, the stargate from Buck Rogers in the 25th century. Outstanding!

    And Meredith -- yes! That's the space warp from the episode with the same title, in Space:1999.

    Great job to you both!


  6. #2 is from Planet of the Apes TV series

  7. 5) Star Trek: TNG “Where No One Has Gone Before” – When the Traveler made the Enterprise go to warp infinity and jump clear of the galaxy.

    7) Another Trek episode, but I’m not sure if it’s TNG or Voyager. That almost looks like Crusher in the pilot’s chair.

    8) Star Trek: DS9 inside the Bajoran Wormhole. I think it’s from the one where Sisko and crew retake DS9 with help from the Prophets during the initial phases of the Dominion War.

  8. 5. Certainly looks like Enterprise's "dashboard" in ST: TNG, though I can't quite place the occasion.
    7. The screen looks like ST again, but again, I can't place the scene. Voyager, maybe?
    8. Seems to be ST: Deep Space 9. Captain Sisko asks the wormhole dwellers for some assistance?
    10. Seems to be Andromeda surfing the waves.

  9. Hi everyone,

    Great job here by all!

    Will: Yep, that's Planet of the Apes(the TV Series) 1974.

    Michael Falkner: Great job on the Treks! #5 is correct, "Where No One Has Gone Before," but # 7 is not TNG. And yes, #8 is DS9.

    Claudiu: #7 is from Voyager, and #10 is from Voyager!



  10. Great image selection! I'm glad they changed the effect for Trek, because that would have gotten distracting very fast...

  11. Oops, posted too soon. Must remember to wait a second before clicking on Publish this comment... This was another great selection of amazing images. I really enjoyed the Buck Rogers stargate, and the swirly effect for Babylon 5's jump gate was very pretty. Great topic, again!

    Gordon Long

  12. Hi Gordon,

    I agree with you about Star Trek and the fade in of moving "stars" over the cast, in "The Cage. It's a distracting effect and not that persuasive. They used it again one time, in "The Naked Time" as the time travel effect, but then discarded it.

    I've always had a deep fondness for the Buck Rogers stargates too. The series never reallye explained them, how they were built (or found), of how they worked. But they certainly looked very cool.

    Thanks for the great comments, as always!