Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The House Between Saturday Shooting

Well, Kathryn took care of Joel this Saturday afternoon, while I got down to business shooting some new scenes with actress and buddy Alicia Wood, who plays Theresa in The House Between.

I've got to say, it was weird seeing Alicia in full Theresa regalia again after a five months span, and especially in a different environment (my house, instead of the location where we shot the series). It's funny, but Alicia (much like Jim Blanton - who plays Arlo) - goes through a complete physical transformation to play the TV show character. When she becomes Theresa, Alicia takes on a whole different countenance and it's kind of Twilight Zone-ish to see her morph before our eyes.

We had a fun time, and after we shot some green screen material and two new, freshly written scenes (for episode 7, "Departed,") Alicia sat down with me to drink some red wine and do some dialogue looping at my editing station. This was a lot of fun, and I shouldn't be surprised that Alicia proved a natural at it. We would play her dialogue, watch her mouth moving on the screen, turn the sound down, and she would "synch" her dialogue to the screen.

Then, Alicia previewed the second and third episodes of the series, "Settled" and "Positioned." When we finished, I asked her what she thought of the shows and she looked at me, raised her Vulcan-type eyebrows and said
"John, you know I was just watching me the whole time..."


  1. Little did we know that John had a completely alternate ending in mind in which Theresa goes on a murderous rampage and burns down the house. MwAhaHAha!

  2. Well, shoot. John, it looks like Bobby has figured it our. Should we try for something else?

    No really. Saturday was great, and I need to come see you guys soon 'cuz I have those stickers I forgot to bring and I'm woeking on something for Baby Poops.

    BTW, "Settled" and "Positioned" were fantastic!! Geez. Superawesomefantasticgreat!

  3. Astrid11:02 AM

    Okay I am officially Pissed Off at John - I WANNA SEE the damn show, too! :-(

    Alicia, darling, miss you too, of course - and jealous that you got to see the crew and meet the muirling!