Thursday, February 23, 2006

Behind the Screen: This is Spinal Tap ...Now Available for Pre-Order!

Hey folks, this is just a heads up that my 18th book (and my first with this publisher, Emmis) is now up and available for pre-order over at It's Behind the Screen: This is Spinal Tap, and here's the promotional copy on it:

On its theatrical release in 1984, Rob Reiner’s hilarious satire about the self-indulgent excesses of a washed-up heavy metal band met with rave reviews but only lukewarm reaction from audiences, many of whom didn’t quite grasp that the film was, in fact, a spoof. Now, nearly a quarter century after its original release, This is Spinal Tap is recognized as a classic, the standard by which other mockumentaries are judged, and continues to entertain fans and attract critical acclaim.

Here, John Kenneth Muir, an expert on cult films and TV series, discusses how the film was made and marketed; its initial audience reception; why it later gained popularity; its influence on the genre; and the film’s impact on pop culture. Comprehensive and fun to read, the book includes great anecdotes about the film’s making; interviews with cast members; critical reviews; and much more - all the way up to 11!

Street date on the book is August 28, 2006, and the price is 9.95! Which makes it more affordable than some of my older tomes! Check it out! I'll be blogging more about the book as we get closer to August. And don't forget, I've got Mercy in Her Eyes: The Films of Mira Nair (with Applause Cinema and Theatre Books) due May 15 (at $12.21 at Amazon).


  1. good work and good looking.

    i'm glad somebody is doing a whole volume on this classic and its very cool that you're the guy that did it.

    i think its funny and honorable that you routinely take your time to keep your readers from paying any more than they need to in order to purchase your books.

  2. Thanks, George! I appreciate your comments!


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