Thursday, July 14, 2005

Toy Flashback Thursday

Ah, a state-of-the-art toy, circa 1978. It's 2-XL (from Mego Corp.), the talking robot that will (according to the box):

*tell jokes
*Ask you True-False Questions.
*Ask you Multiple Choice Questions.
*Tell you if you're right or wrong.
*Give you more information on many different subjects.
*Play games with you and your friends.
*Play standard 8-track cartridges as well as 2-XL cartridges.

Wow, does anyone remember owning this? I found it at a flea market (Sweet Union) here in Monroe, North Carolina, still in its box (with a working power pack!) for $2.00. I probably overpaid..

Just think, from 2-XL to the PSP in less than thirty years. The great thing is, mine still has one of the 8-tracks (and it still plays!) I do think it's strange, however, that the machine is purportedly capable of telling "if you're right or wrong." Wow! Everyone in government and big business should have one of these little buddies...


  1. I never owned one of these things, but I remember it singing and talking loudly to itself in the toy store.

    Some awful song about being a "Love Machine" was involved. It wouldn't ... shut ... UP!

    But it was probably the last legitimate use for 8-track tapes on the market. Teddy Ruxpins used that advanced cassette technology. :)

  2. I think everybody should have their own personal 2-XL companion. Kinda like Twiki on Buck Rogers in the 25th Century...

  3. Heck of a lot more fun than a PDA.

    "Flippy! Take a memo!"

    "Yes, sir! Beedeebeedeebeeee..."

    "And stop with the beedeebee jazz! Let's hear some Stevie, dammit!"

    "A boy is born! In hard-time Missuhsiiippee!"

  4. Anonymous7:09 PM

    I owned one when they were new and i still have it! Its been in the attic for years and years and i had forgot about it until i saw your picture posted!