Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Volumes of Blood: Set Photos

This past weekend, I traveled with my family to Kentucky to shoot "A Little Pick Me Up" for the upcoming Volumes of Blood horror anthology. It was a grueling but awesome weekend, with ten hour drives on each end, and a shooting schedule that lasted till 2:00 am on Saturday. And then, I returned to Charlotte this week for...Jury Duty! And next Wednesday, I have a book deadline.

But damn, it was worth it.  Life is good.

On location, I was greeted by an awesome, helpful and enthusiastic group of collaborators.  

The actors, Alexandra Lauren Hendrick, Jim O'Rear, and LouisaMaria Torres were incredible and gave their all for the project. Alexandra, especially, got put through the ringer and endured some messy special effects, courtesy of the project's brilliant "Rick Baker," Lisa Duvall.

My cinematographer was Daniel Hiatt and he was utterly spectacular, setting up and executing great compositions for each shot. Daniel was my right-hand man, and had a creative and visually-accomplished solution for a every problem. I feel incredibly lucky to have had Daniel at my side throughout the night.

I also want to thank Tom Martin, who wrote "A Little Pick Me Up" and was there on set, every minute, helping out and answering questions about his great story.

Behind the scenes, Eric Huskisson was super resourceful and creative with the story's props, and a true gentleman as well. Kim Childers, Markus Porter, Brian Gaddis, Pablo Gallastegui, Mike Hall, Jack Midkiff, Wesley Johnson and, Brad Reinhart terrific too, and kept me focused and on task to make certain everything went smoothly.

I feel very blessed to have met and worked with all the wonderful talents involved in this project. Being in the company of such a creative group of artists, in front of and behind the camera, I sure wish I lived in Owensboro. It's a testament to producers P.J. and Katrina Starks, and Jim Blanton that people of such dedication and creativity came together for a project like this, and I want to thank them for including me in the fun.

Here are a few pics from the shoot.

The Hallway of Doom

The Front Lobby.

"A Little Pick Me Up" actor Alexandria Lauren Hendrick (Angela) and Jim O'Rear (Lucem) share a scene.

The world's sexiest librarian: LouisaMaria Torres (Lily), gets ready for her next scene.

Alexandria suffered for her art, big time (center), while producer Jim Blanton (left) oversaw the shoot. That's P.J. on the right, peeking in at the location of a bloodbath.


  1. Director John Kenneth Muir congratulations! I am sure that this group of talented people being shepherded by your direction will create a brilliant short film.


  2. Your artistic insight was Da-Bomb, Come back soon.


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