Saturday, June 11, 2016

Saturday Morning Cult-TV Blogging: Blackstar: "King of Neptul" (October 31, 1981)

A non-stop storm pelts Sagar with rain, and the only way to stop the perpetual bad weather rests in Aquaria, an undersea kingdom ruled by Neptul, an ally of the Overlord.

Blackstar and his friends must contend with Neptul as well as the Flame People and a swarm of shark bats. Later, Blackstar must make a deal: the star-sword for a captured trobbit.

This is another largely uninspired (and uninspiring…) episode of Blackstar.  The elements are all pre-packaged: a new kingdom with new monsters (Aquaria, shark bats, Mer-People) proving the key to undoing some disorder on Sagar (in this case an unending storm). 

Meanwhile, The Overlord and Blackstar continue to vie for possession of the star-sword, and Blackstar never loses.

Still, the final gimmick is kind of fun in “Kingdom of Neptul.”  

When Blackstar turns over his prized sword to the Overlord, it is actually just a shape-shifted Klone, pretending to be the sword.  Most TV shape-shifters (like Maya on Space:1999 or Odo on DS9) can’t turn into non-living objects.  

Apparently Klone can.

Next week: “Tree of Evil”

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