Friday, August 08, 2014

Coming Soon: The Spielberg Blogathon (August 23 - 24)

Just announced: It Rains...You Get Wet, Citizen Screenings, and Outspoken and Freckled are hosting a Steven Spielberg blogathon on August 23-24th of this summer!

Here is some further information, if you wish to contribute:

"A prolific filmmaker to be certain. But more importantly, so many of his films became part of our American experience — thanks to his signature style of weaving in very heartfelt and little “real” moments into every film. With so many wonderful Spielberg offerings, why not bid adieu to summer with a SPIELBERG BLOGATHON? While I’ve participated in a number over the years, I’ve not hosted such a blog event.
So, Ye Ol’ Blog IT RAINS… YOU GET WET will join the dynamic blogathon duo, Aurora of CITIZEN SCREENINGS aka @CitizenScreen and Kellee of OUTSPOKEN & FRECKLED aka @IrishJayhawk66, in paying homage to this beloved master of cinema with a blockbuster blogathon to end the summer with a BANG!

Here’s how it works

For any folks who wish to submit one or more blog posts dedicated to Steven Spielberg’s career (film/TV/directing/producing/writing,etc.) particular work or life, simply contact one of us hosts…
Kellee of OUTSPOKEN & FRECKLED ~ twitter @IrishJayhawk66 ~ prattkellee at gmail (dot) com
Aurora of ONCE UPON A SCREEN ~ twitter @CitizenScreen
Michael of IT RAINS… YOU GET WET ~ twitter @le0pard13 ~ macsurferx07 at gmail (dot) com


  • leave us a blog comment or tweet us with your Spielberg topic
  • let us know when your entry is published so we can promote it
  • include one of the provided banners (see below) and the following statement…
“This post is part of the SPIELBERG BLOGATHON hosted by Outspoken & Freckled, It Rains… You Get Wet, and Once Upon A Screen taking place August 23-24. Please visit these host blogs for a full list of participating blogs.”

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