Sunday, April 15, 2012

New Reviews for Purple Rain: Music on Film

Well, the reviews of my new book, Purple Rain: Music on Film are starting to come in and the news is good.

The Seattle P.I. printed a Blogcritics review of my latest book Friday afternoon.  The reviewer writes:

"In 132 pages, Muir manages to put the film into context...Muir does a good job of explaining just how nervous Warner Bros. was to bankroll a summer movie starring a non-actor. Prince had a few very significant, then-recent hits under his belt ("Little Red Corvette," "1999," "Delirious"), but as Muir explains, Warner executives were convinced they were making a niche movie no one would see...the research Muir has put into the book make it worth reading even for those who think they know everything about the film..."

"Okay, Darling Nikki, you may think you know everything about Prince's Purple Rain, but a new book by John Kenneth Muir quickly proved at least myself wrong on that account...the author packs each page with items that will impress even hardcore fans..."

Don't forget, the book is now available at, here.  Check it out!

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