Sunday, February 28, 2016

At Flashbak: Amy at the White House Play Set (Toy Factory)

This week at Flashbak, I remembered a funny toy from the disco decade, and the Carter Era, specifically.

“Although Amsco virtually cornered the market for cardboard playsets in the 1970s with its play sets from The Waltons, Space: 1999, Planet of the Apes and Marvel Comics, Toy Factory had an entry in the game too.

And an unusual entry at that.

Not long after the presidential election of 1976, Toy Factory released its over-sized “Amy at the White House Play Set.

In this case, the titular Amy is actually Amy Carter (1967 - ) of the Carter family. 

Young Amy joined her father, President Jimmy Carter, mother Rosalynn Carter, and pet cat Misty Malarkey Ying Yang at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in early 1977.  She was just nine when she moved into the White House, and was the first child to live there since JFK’s kids in the 1960s.

Over the next four years, Amy was seen roller skating in the White House, and inhabiting a tree house on the South Lawn for sleep-overs with friends.

This toy, however, also gives Amy a lemonade stand, a bicycle, and a table. It also provides card-board cuts out of her commander-in-chief dad and First Lady Mom…as well as her secret service agent detail.

The Toy Factory play set also offers cardboard versions of the Washington Monument, the Presidential limo, the Rose Garden, a helicopter, and a bench…”

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