Monday, December 05, 2011

The Whispering Sea rises...

My new Space:1999 novel (after 2003's The Forsaken) is in the hands of editors and nearing production for publication (likely in 2012).

In the meantime, Powys Media has posted an interview with me regarding the new book -- The Whispering Sea -- which is set in the series Year Two timeline.

Here's a section from the interview.

Q: How did The Whispering Sea come about?

A: The Forsaken (2003) was well-received by readers and reviewers, and because of my long-standing affection for Space: 1999, I very much wanted to write another series novel for Powys. So the discussion quickly came around to what kind of story to tell for a second novel. This was also after I had written “Futility” and “A Touch of Venus” for Shepherd Moon. At some point, I developed a lengthy outline for a follow-up novel to Forsaken – a kind of indirect sequel – called Ordination, but then we shifted gears to go with The Whispering Sea…which, if I remember correctly, is a title that Mateo gave me. Ordination was more in line with Alpha and Omega, this kind of epic, galaxy-spanning tale about Maya being inducted into the “priesthood” of the Space Brains, and it just got too big. Mateo pointed me in another direction, and we did something more contained, more stand-alone with The Whispering Sea.

Q: The Forsaken is a “bridge” novel spanning the differences between Space: 1999 Years One and Years Two. Is that distinction also true of The Whispering Sea?

A: Actually The Whispering Sea is a bridge novel too. If you think about it, there’s a pretty wide gap between the end of “The Metamorph” and the beginning of “The Exiles.” Maya is already Alpha’s science officer in “The Exiles,” and she seems to already have an established relationship with Tony Verdeschi. So in The Whispering Sea, I’m bridging the gulf between those two episodes and dramatizing the story of Maya’s arrival on Moonbase Alpha. How did she get there? How did she come to fit in? How and why was it decided that she would become Alpha’s science officer? Those are the questions the novel covers.

I'll write additional updates about the book's release schedule as further details become available, and also post images of the book's cover art when it is complete.


  1. Anonymous12:28 PM

    Excellent! I'm very much looking forward to this. Now, I just need to keep fingers that Powys can push this out in a timely fashion....
    ~~ Meredith

  2. Definitely keep us posted on this John. I look forward to it. I'm always open to a Maya story. Your interview sounds great. It was great just reading the excerpt.

    all the best with it

  3. Anonymous1:58 PM

    John your prior SPACE:1999 novel was brilliant and this new one sounds fascinating too.


  4. I want to thank all of your for your supportive comments regarding my work, and The Forsaken!

    I hope you all enjoy The Whispering Sea just as much!


  5. Anonymous10:47 PM

    As a huge Maya and Catherine Schell fan, I am thrilled that someone has decided to write a book based on this wonderful character. "Born Of Adversity" is a wonderful book, but Maya didn't play a large role in the story. However, at the beginning, there is a discussion of Maya and Tony trying to have a family. That's a theme, along with along with other Alphan couples, that might be an interesting theme to follow. I assume that they have made many expansions over the years.
    But to fill in the gap between "The Metamorph" and "The Exiles" will be fascinating reading. I can't wait!

  6. Hi Anonymous,

    I agree that I'd love to see how the Maya/Tony relationship develops over the years, including the effort to have a child.

    I hope you enjoy The Whispering Sea! I'm excited to see it in print!



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