Monday, December 19, 2011

The Cult TV Faces of: Christmas

Identified by David Colohan: The Twilight Zone: "Night of the Meek."

Identified by Joanna: Rod Serling's Night Gallery: "The Messiah on Mott Street."

Identified by SGB: The Six Million Dollar Man: "A Bionic Christmas Carol."

Identified by Hugh: Tales from the Crypt: "And All Through the House."

Identified by David Colohan: Lois & Clark: "Seasons Greedings."


Identified by SGB: Star Trek: Voyager: "Death Wish."

Identified by David Colohan: The X-Files: "How the Ghosts Stole Christmas."

Identified by Adam Chamberlain: Millennium: "Midnight of the Century."

Identified by Adam Chamberlain: Buffy the Vampire Slayer: "Amends."



Identified by Adam Chamberlain: Dr. Who: "The Christmas Invasion."


  1. Three personal favourites of mine, so it will be very embarrassing if I have any of these wrong...

    9. Millennium "Midnight of the Century"

    10. Buffy "Amends"

    13. Doctor Who "The Christmas Invasion"

  2. David Colohan6:33 AM

    Hey there,
    Tricky one this week! A few wild guesses on my part...
    6. Twin Peaks - The Great Northern?
    8. The X-Files
    13. Doctor Who - The Auton Invasion or was it The Christmas Invasion?

    Happy Christmas to you & your family John. Thanks again for a wonderful blog. Best wishes from Ireland.
    David Colohan

  3. And I will also chastise myself for missing another favourite on the first sweep...

    8. The X-Files "How the Ghosts Stole Christmas"

  4. David Colohan7:21 AM

    Another wild guess...
    9. Millennium: Midnight of the Century?

  5. Hi Adam and David,

    Some very tricky ones this week. I tried to pick a collection of sort of iconic Christmas imagery, from Santa to snow, to decorations and trees. Very tough.

    Adam: Yes, you successfully identified #9, #10 and #13. Very well done, my friend. Excellent job!

    David: Merry Christmas to you as well, my friend. I always appreciate reading your comments, and seeing your name here, sir! You successfully identified #8, from the X-Files.

    A great start to this holiday edition, Adam and David!


  6. David Colohan7:45 AM

    A final sweep for me on this one...
    1. The Twilight Zone - Night Of The Meek
    5. Lois & Clark?

    Will certainly be watching the Millennium episode again, now that ye've reminded me of it. Might be a nice excuse to start up the whole series again, not that much of an excuse is needed!

  7. David: Yes, both of those identifications are correct, from the Twilight Zone and Lois & Clark individually. Outstanding job!!!

    I return to Millennium frequently. So many episodes are great, and some of them play as feature film quality, even a decade later, so I'm simpatico with you there. Midnight of the Century is a pretty emotional show...


  8. David Colohan7:52 AM

    Push comes to shove, season 2 of Millennium is my favourite season of any show. Agreed on the feature film quality too & yes, Midnight of the Century is a heartbreaker.

  9. Oh, I'm coming too late to get the (I guess more obvious) ones I know. No. 8 reminds me of Silent Night, Deadly Night, but that's a film. Is it from Tales from the Crypt?

    A great collection, though I'm always sorry if you don't have the Real Ghostbusters and "X-Mas Marks the Spot" (then again, you didn't get animated this week.

  10. Hi Hugh!

    I wish I had thought of The Real Ghostbusters too! :)

    I'm always trying to think of live-action and animated series that fit the trope of the week, to hlp demonstrate how pervasive or wide-spread it is. That said, I know I sometimes don't get all of the instances of them, because I can't find a good photo or image, or because, simply, I forget about a certain series episode!

    I think you're talking about #4 for Tales from the Crypt (Larry Drake in Santa suit!)

    All my best,


  11. Is number 2: Night Gallery's "The Messiah on Mott Street?"

  12. Hi Joanna,

    Great job with a difficult identification there (but you ARE the Christmas Expert in Residence, in my opinion...)

    Merry Christmas!


  13. YAY!! Thanks so much. Merry Christmas to you too :)

  14. Anonymous2:41 PM

    #7. Star Trek:Voyager


  15. Anonymous2:52 PM

    #3. Six Million Dollar Man "A Bionic Christmas Carol"


  16. SGB: Chalk two up for SGB! You accurately recognized Star Trek Voyager ("Death Wish") and Six Million Dollar Man's Bionic Christmas Carol! Fantastic!



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