Sunday, February 16, 2014

TV Wise and Troy L. Foreman: Interview with Chris Carter about The After (2014)

I was out-of-town this weekend (in Richmond...) but consequently I missed, until just now, Troy Foreman's terrific interview with Chris Carter at TVWise.  

Carter's new series pilot, The After, is fast becoming a consuming obsession for me (and a lot of other fans too...), and Troy's interview gets in a lot of good and tantalizing questions/answers about what we know so far as viewers, and what Carter can tell us at this early juncture about the story and its deeper meaning.  

So click on over and read the full interview.

Here's a snippet to whet your appetite:

"TVWise: Your work has shifted from anticipating the end, to bringing on the end right now. How is that a different place to “live” as a writer?
Chris Carter: I’m not calling this the end. I’m just calling this a mysterious event. I am shying away from words like apocalyptic or dystopian. This is something that is unexplained right now.
TVWise: The After features a lot of footage of modern conveniences (like iPhones, and the like), but it doesn’t really help the characters. Is the show a commentary on modern technology, or how humans deal with technology?
Chris Carter: Yes. I think that will certainly feature in the series if we get there and it’s something of a comment right now."

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