Thursday, June 15, 2006

One Step Beyond Book lands in softcover!

Hey everybody, my 2001 study and analysis of the 1959-1961 paranormal TV series, One Step Beyond (and its 1978 sequel, The Next Step Beyond) has just been re-published in soft-back by McFarland.

The book actually boasts an illustration on the cover this time (and it's creepy too...). The book features the last interview with director John Newland, who crafted all 96 half-hour segments of OSB, as well as an episode guide of all the episodes. Special focus is granted to "The Sacred Mushroom," the notorious documentary episode which found Newland sampling hallucinogenic mushrooms to see if they could enhance psychic powers. Remember, this was 1960, well before the hippie movement...

What makes this book different than some I've written is that I analyze the series not only in terms of television production and themes, but also how closely the series adheres to established, academic paranormal lore (about subjects like automatic writing, rapping, poltergeists, bilocation, alien abduction and the like).

Anyway, the book gets a price reduction along with it's new format, so hopefully a new audience will find it. Dig that cover...


  1. Anonymous2:19 PM

    This is great news. How can I get an autographed copy? Or can you autograph a copy I send along?

  2. Hey -- anyone wanting an autographed copy can e-mail me at my web-site ( I'd be happy to autograph any copies that are sent to me!

    And it means a lot to me that you asked!


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