Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sci-Fi Cityscapes #10: Mega-City One (Dredd [2012])

(I'll be reviewing this [amazing...] film for Tuesday, PM).


  1. Oh I've been waiting for this one! I sent you an email about it a few weeks ago, expressing annoyance that many reviewers were comparing it to contemporary superhero movies with which it shares nothing but source material, while failing to draw any useful comparisons, for instance to early Carpenter action masterpieces like Assault On Precinct 13 or Escape From New York. Excited to read your take!

  2. Looking forward to this review.

  3. My favorite film of 2012, period.

    Best line: ..."Yeah."

  4. Looking forward to the review John.You are right,it is amazing.Wish the blu ray sales were enough to get a sequel but as it is it looks like it is going to be a stand alone classic,which is fine.


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