Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Silver!

Sy Fy Radio announced the Sy Fy Genre Award Winner for "Best Web Production" of 2008 last night (as selected by you - the voters) and The House Between...came in second!

Wow! Wow! First, it was a great honor to be nominated, and second, I want to thank every individual who voted for the show.

There were over 50,000 votes cast in the contest and The House Between finished exceptionally strong, almost neck-and-neck with the winner.

In the end, we lagged less than one hundred votes behind the victor, Star Trek: Of Gods and Men. We placed ahead of the professionally produced and budgeted Sanctuary -- now a series on The Sci-Fi Channel, -- as well as the Star Trek New Voyages adventure with Sulu, "World Enough and Time," and also Star Trek Odyssey.

Although The House Between fell a little short in the final mile, I still view our unexpectedly strong showing as a victory for a no-budget little show which is produced far from Hollywood, stars no "name" actors from Star Trek or Stargate SG-1, and is not part of a franchise with huge name-recognition that has been around for almost half-a-century.

It is my fondest hope that The House Between's success here, even at second place, will encourage the creation of other original, independent web series in the genre.

Congratulations to Walter Koenig and Nichelle Nichols (who star in Of Gods and Men), director Tim ("Tuvok") Russ, and all the technicians, supporting actors (Alan Ruck, Ethan Phililps, Chase Masterson, etc.) and writers who created the winning Star Trek adventure!

As for The House Between -- watch out for us next season, Star Trek!! We'll be back to chew quantum bubble gum and kick ass (and we're all out of bubble gum...).


  1. Anonymous3:14 PM

    John, congratulations to you and your "housemates" on an incredible achievement. As you said, to place that highly without any franchise or actor name-recognition is remarkable, and a true testament to the quality of your work. Looking forward to having you back on Destinies next year to talk about season 3.

  2. Thank you, Howard! I appreciate your words so much, and I can't wait to appear on Destinies again to discuss all the twists and turns coming up for the denizens at the end of the universe!


  3. Congratulations, John! Let us know when Sci-Fi Channel comes calling...

  4. you will be sure to tell them you wont write anything that doesn't include me, right? ;)


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