Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Catnap Tuesday # 8

This is Penny, named after the first cat I ever raised (1976-1988). She's the neighborhood kitty who lives outside, and goes from house to house on our street. As you can see, she's a beautiful calico with what appears to be a broken lip. Penny is very sweet, but doesn't like to be touched - naturally, considering her circumstances. I feel (and fear...) she's been abused by neighborhood kids over her lifetime (and we think she's at least 9 or 10.)

We put out a bowl of water and food for Penny every day, and we consider her our "outdoor" cat, our fourth "adoptee." She likes to sleep on our car at night, and spends a lot of the day on our front porch. We love Penny a lot, but can't get her to come inside, so we respect her boundaries and just take care of her as an outdoor cat the best we can. She meows for attention and rubs our legs incessantly, but scrambles away when we try to pet her, so we have played it hands-off, for fear she'll run across (our busy street).

We just like to keep her close, because we know she's safe here.

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