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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ask JKM a Question #2: Timeslip?

Reader Christopher Kewley asks:

"Have you seen the 70's childrens British television show Timeslip? (If not, I think you probably would like it, as you like a lot of 60's/70's TV Science Fiction.)"

Chris, I have read about -- but had not watched -- Timeslip.

For those who may not be familiar with the series, Timeslip aired in Britain on ITV in 1970 and 1971. 

Created by James and Ruth Boswell, the program involved two children, Simon and Cheryl, who discovered a phenomenon -- an anomaly --  that permits them to travel through time, to alternate futures and pasts.  The series consisted of four multi-part serials.

Given the positive critical reception -- the series achieved “top 50” status on both SFX and Dreamwatch lists of best all-time sci-fi series --  Timeslip sounds like a provocative program that one indeed right up my alley, as you say, since I love and cherish 1970s British sci-fi TV (UFO [1970] Space: 1999 [1975-1977], Survivors [1975], Blake's 7 [1978 - 1981], and Sapphire and Steel [1978 – 1981] to name a few). 

Because you asked about it, I’ll watch the series soon, and either blog the whole thing, or write up a flashback on the topic.

Thanks for the question, Christopher, and I hope you’ll stick around to read what I think of the show.  I'm looking forward to watching it, and the DVDs are already on the way...