Friday, August 17, 2018

The 40th Anniversary of...Bog (1978)

Oneida County, Wisconsin, is celebrating the 40th anniversary of a horror film made there in the 1970's: Bog.  

This low-budget terror never got a theatrical release in the 1970's and has had only spotty release on VHS.  I did see it to review it for Horror Films of the 1970's.  Now, this regional horror from a bygone era is getting the home-town premiere it never had.

You can follow the link below to hear me talk about Bog at Morning Edition, WXPR: 


  1. John,

    I listened to your comments on BOG. It sounds perfect for MST3K.


  2. Wonderfully bad film.

  3. For bad movies made in Wisconsin, let's not forget some of the work of Bill Rebane.


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