Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Breakaway Day 2017: Space:1999 Sonic Powered Megaphone (Vanity Fair; 1976)

It's always interesting to see what kind of toys are packaged and sold as part of a TV series franchise license.  

Case in point is this collectible, the Space:1999 "Sonic Powered Megaphone" from Vanity Fair.  

I can't really recall many times that Commander Koenig (Martin Landau), in spacesuit, actually used a megaphone...and yet, I can't say for certain that he didn't ever use one.  

On the other hand, the illustration on the box is sort of impractical in terms of function, since it shows an astronaut using the megaphone while in a spacesuit helmet.  Could a megaphone really amplify your voice, if you were wearing a helmet like this?

Anyway, this "sonic powered megaphone" features:

Dual Trigger Action

Voice Amplification

Sonic Space Alert Emergency Siren!

Inside the box were operating instructions: "To operate megaphone connect one (9) volt battery to clip located in battery compartment (2).  To amplify voice press trigger (3) slightly and speak into microphone (1) located in back.  To activate sonic alert press trigger (3) all the way back."

I collect any and all things related to Space:1999, so even some of the weirder stuff -- like this megaphone -- strikes a nostalgic chord for me.

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