Monday, April 04, 2016

Ask JKM a Question: The Shadow (1994)

A reader, Ed, writes:

"I recently read your review of Dick Tracy (1990)  and you seemed pretty conflicted about it. 

What are your thoughts about another  1930s superhero movie: The Shadow?.

I am a strong defender of the film. I feel it is so much better than its reputation suggests. It has everything you need: humor, romance, and great style. 

To me, it is what Dick Tracy should have/could have been.

How about writing a review?"

Ed, thank you for writing. 

When you submitted this question back in March, I went back to watch The Shadow (1994), and will do just as you say.

I will be featuring a review of The Shadow on Tuesday morning, here on the blog, as well as a look back at the collectibles from the film on Wednesday.  

What do I think of the film?

Check in again on Thursday, but for right now, only The Shadow knows...

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  1. There was also Darkman (1995) and a version of The Spirit (1996) that came in the wake of the success of the original Batman seems that the 90s were kind of a dark age for superhero films while at the same time they anticipated the superhero movie boom of the 2000s.


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