Sunday, September 07, 2014

Land of the Lost Turns 40 Years Old Today!

Sid and Marty Krofft's live action Saturday morning series Land of the Lost (1974 - 1977) first aired on NBC forty years ago today, September 7th.  

I find it impossible to believe that this much time has passed, but I still remember being there (at age 4) to watch the very first -- and all the ensuing -- episodes.

Land of the Lost endured for three seasons on network television, had a 1990s remake that ran for two seasons, and also saw 2009 feature film remake starring Will Ferrell.  Today, almost everyone acquainted with science fiction television remembers what a "Sleestak" is.

I've blogged the entire series here during my nine years at this site, and watched all the episodes multiple times with my son, Joel.  I love the fact that the series can appeal to adult as well as children.  Land of the Lost is highly imaginative, and imparts strong messages about taking care of the environment, diverse people (or species working) together, and the importance of family.

At this point, my fondest wish regarding the franchise would be for original series story editor David Gerrold to re-craft the premise for prime-time, or Netflix, making an adult, serious version in the process.  I know it could be done, and I know it would be popular.

Today, in honor of Land of the Lost's fortieth anniversary, I'll be re-posting all day a number of articles and pieces about the program, from its memorable introductory montage to production design; from a general retrospective to specific episode reviews.

So let's get back to livin' in the land of the lost...


  1. Happy Birthday Land!

  2. 40 years ago today we were children escaping into the Land Of The Lost for the very first time.