Thursday, March 13, 2014

From AC/DC to Zombie: Celebrating This is Spinal Tap's (1984) 30th Anniversary at YEAH! TV

YEAH! TV is kicking off a month-long celebration of Spinal Tap's thirtieth anniversary.  

The site is hosting a special version of the movie with new commentary by director Rob Reiner, and with some other special features as well.

One web feature is "From AC/DC to Zombie," a treasure trove of appreciation or tribute for the world's loudest band by some of the most famous rockers on the planet.  

Among those talking about Spinal Tap on the tribute page: Meat Loaf, Chris McCready, Dave Mustaine, Dave Navarro, and Rob Zombie.

And also..yours truly. Yep, I'm in there too.

Last but not least, be sure check out my book about the making of the film: Music on Film: This is Spinal Tap.

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